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Big Fun Comics Magazine

Preview of Big Fun Comics Magazine, a collection of classic american adventure strips, Captain Easy, Wash Tubbs, Scorchy Smith, Frank Robbins artwork, Lance, preview of magazine with sample pages.

Classic comic strips, Roy Crane, Leslie Turner, Noel Sickles, Bert Christman, Frank Robbins, Captain Easy, Wash Tubbs, Buz Sawyer, Scorchy Smith, Johnny Hazard, Lance, Warren Tufts, Casey Ruggles, Rick O’Shay, Stan Lynde, Mel Graff, Milt Caniff, Terry and the Pirates, newspaper comic strips, Little Orphan Annie, Leonard Starr, Dick Tracy, Flash Gordon, Adventures of Patsy, Steve Canyon, Prince Valiant, Hal Foster, similar to Comics Revue, reprint of newspaper strips from golden age.